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Company News
Learn to use the cylinder cabinet properly !

Gas cylinders are specially designed pressure - resistant cylinders for storing compressed gas. When in use, gas is released in a controlled way through the pressure reducing valve (barometer). Due to the high internal pressure of cylinders and the fact that some gases are flammable or toxic, care should be taken when handling and storing cylinders.

Stop using gas cylinders as bombs!



Anti-dumping measures for gas cylinder cabinet: Install thick and firm cable ties to fix gas cylinders in the cabinet to prevent them from being knocked down by violent vibration or impact.

Cylinder cabinet handling measures: movable flap, convenient cylinder cart loading and unloading, operation labor saving.

Gas cylinder cabinet ventilation measures: PASS holes are set on both sides of the cabinet body to ensure good ventilation effect in the cabinet.

Gas cylinder cabinet alarm device: equipped with explosion-proof sound and light alarm device, when the sensor in the cabinet detects gas leakage, automatic alarm. Explosion-proof gas detector can identify most combustible gas and has explosion-proof certification.

Gas cylinder cabinet exhaust measures: Flammable gas cylinder storage cabinet equipped with automatic interlocking strong exhaust fan, through the exhaust pipe out of the outdoor. Toxic gas is connected with absorption device through exhaust pipe to ensure personal safety in working area.



Gas cylinders are mobile pressure vessels with a wide flow range, complex operating conditions and often unsupervised use, so it is more difficult to manage. The possibility of accidents and the harm of accidents will be greater.


Therefore, special attention is needed to learn to be sure to use the cylinder cabinet! Use explosion-proof gas cylinder cabinets with gas leakage monitoring and in accordance with the safety Technical Requirements and Management Specifications for Hazardous Chemical Storage Cabinets of Shenzhen landmark DB4403/T 79-2020.






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